Mapoon Home Ownership Project

Consultancy to establish an affordable construction model for Mapoon


World Vision Research Consultancy – 2010

The Mapoon Home Ownership Program is a groundbreaking project designed to facilitate Indigenous home ownership in Queensland’s Mapoon community. As is the case in many Indigenous communities throughout Australia, land title in Mapoon is communally held. This project aims to facilitate the creation of private, individual title to land to enable families to take out a home loan and buy or build a home. Home ownership provides key benefits: it’s a source of security, pride, fiscal discipline and, over time, inter-generational wealth. However, Indigenous home ownership in Australia is just over half the national average. Of these, there are only a handful of home owners on community land. Nearly all houses (called ‘social housing’) in remote communities are Government funded and managed by the local Council. The Home Ownership Project is in part about creating choice for community members to live independently of government.  Several Indigenous clients desire to be afforded the opportunity to assume responsibility for their own property and have a home they can truly call their own. This research-practice project has as its major aim the development of a robust construction model to improve the social and economic status of Mapoon families enabling opportunities for increased home ownership, including consideration of alternative approaches, resources required (including technical, financial and legal) and time frames for effective delivery.

Mapoon Home Ownership Project Mapoon Home Ownership Project Mapoon Home Ownership Project